March 2022

This was fun. Has been a buzy month. School has eveloped lol. At the beginning of the month I contacted my teacher as schedule seemed too empty. I was calmed down that Soon you will see why and I did. Homework load is huge on distant learning. One thing I noticed about myself is now wanting to move more. I got bollocked by doctors before, when I was working that I was not moving enough. But honestly I was so tired all the time. 

 My previous job was physical and due to myotonia congenita I have, I was too tired to even stand in shower, not to mention enjoying anykind of physical moving activity on my off time. Now I noticed I havent sat in a shower for a while (witch I have done for years) and I am taking longer walks with joy again. It makes me so happy.  And this only in couple of months. Cant wait to see how my life will change after I get it more balanced and change my career ­čą░

 Kids are growing fast. They make us laugh daily. I was scared of having kids by multiple reasons. But thanks a lot to my partner this has been best thing that has happened on my life! 

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