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I consider myself more outward than inward person. Life is too short to not share. 

​I am born 1988 and raised in Estonia. 
Living In Ylistaro, Seinäjoki, Finland since 2013.  
Fell in love with traditional way of painting thanks to my mother at the age of 3 when she painted a mural of Adam and Eve with grapes to my bedroom wall. She is so talented, eventough she never got the opportunity to explore her talent! I remember my preshool dream was to be a big artist who brings joy to people thro the magic of brush, like my mother brought me. 

Paint and colors have always facinated me. I have experimented different teqniques and styles thro my life but always seem to favour the vibrance of colors and contrast in between them no matter the medium.

In my early years my work was a lot darker to emphas that contrast. Contrast between white and black and what fits in between. Development and time has diluted it to more overtace to softer 

Late years I have painted more nature and animals. Custom orders are mostly portaits mixed with fantacy. 

I love nature and human mind, witch influences my work most. 

From 2020 september I found a new medium of vegetable tanned leather and combined same vibrancy to small leather items. 

 My goal is to spread thay dopamine shot thro the magic of a brush. Art makes our lives better! 

Having experienced dark days in concrete jungle, i know how empowering can a colorful rainbow under the sky be.

"Fly high, up in the sky, but keep your feet on the ground"

More photos of my work you can find in my facebook a acxount Triin Jürissaar Art Life. 

You can get to know me more personal in my Blog section. 

© 2023 Triin Jürissaar. All rights reserved.


© 2023 Triin Jürissaar. All rights reserved.
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