Event Calender/ Tapahtumakalenteri


25.11.2023 RUUSOPURONTIE 214, 61500 Isokyrö Auction exhibition and sales event.

15.04.2023 Lapua Motorsshow - paintings and leather work

"Sakustars2023" judged! Painting got listed in "Paintings worth honorable mentioning" with comment:"Skillful technical executing. Humorous handling of subject." 512 pc judged in 15 categories. https://sakustars.fi/ennakko2023/ennakkotyot-2/

4.03-4.05.2023 Helsingin Kädentaidomessu Wanha satama

          Painting "Community 21 Century" Sent to Contest "Sakustars 2023" Competition closed 17.02.2023

          Leather tray "Mushrooms" sent to contest "Sakustars 2023"

2022 10.12 Participating in Organizing ChristmasSale in Ylistaro Alanpää with handcraft and props and advertisment. 

  •           6.8 @ "Övermalax Byarad" in Knösgarden with Handcraft
  •           5.- 7.8 Confirmed artist for Melodeep festival - Festival cancelled due to low preticket sale
  •           1.07-31.7 Exhibition Moving @ Kaijan Kahvila in Koskenkorva 
  •           17.06 Exhibition Moving @ Ylistaro Alanpään Rompetori
  •           1.4- 29.4 Ylistaron Library Exhibition "Nature on sawblades" Feat Introducing leatherart
  •           1.2-28.2 Participant in virtual exhibition


2021 December received an artistic merit ftom Germany Pinacotheque Museum

2020 started publishing to social media.

2018 First solo exhibition with 34 Paintings held in Laihia for March and In Isokyrö library For February

2008 Designed JKHK schools T-Shirt emblem.

2007 Winning a place in Leonardo Da Vinci international trainee program In warehousing and Logistics in Denmark.

2007 I and II place in Schools Poetry contest

2007 Achieved 6 th place in Estonian National Folklore creative writing contest In my age group.

2003 Defended my art infront of Jury and open eye for the first time.

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