Chain thoughts on website built, modern school education over last decade and the normal overthinking things

At the moment in school I have to make business report. Witch has had me looking into different websites. Relearning all the things I did learn in school between 2005-2009 I feel like the time is in somesort of limbo. Or I am in one in my mind. Theory is still kind of same. But see that was a decade ago. Our digital marketing strategies.. well I kind of expected things to have developed to the level I was studying back in the day. Having Spent time on different websites for companies who claim to be up to date and seeing same problems what we were thought to solve over 15 years ago still go unsolved makes one person wonder. 

As if this was thought in school 15 years ago, developed to be thought more than 20 years ago and still the community cant bring itself to best possible standards but go with the bare minimum "as long as it is presentable" attitude, where is the problem? 


Now as I have started scool 2 months ago I have heard atleast three times the expression "as long as it is passable I am happy".  My teacher asked me last week that she felt taken back when I said could you please mark the words I have written wrong so I can also learn where the mistakes are cause people tend to not correct me when I am wrong in finnish. I want to be better in the language. She felt suprised cause she is used to that students just want to pass tests instead of actually learning something. 

 One Lady came to me in Helsingi on Craft fare and said "ough my god, why? Girl I feel sad for you? Your work takes so much time and effort that even average class people cant afford it! How un earth will you find customers? They are unique and lovley but not worth the effort in making sales equation. Good luck" I admit. I was a bit taken back. But at the same time proud cause someone actually understood how much I actually invest in my work. But again the same thing. Why make more if less is more acceptable?

Now all this makes me look back in my "adult" life after school. Why havent I been able to max out my efficiency? I have had the knowledge all the time. Why havent I become to my full potention?

First I got off from school, opinions of my education went two ways. There were the ones who said that I am over educated and the ones who ignored me whole together. I moved countries. In UK other european degrees, studies etc were not valued. I had to go through work health and safety course again, drive my forklift license again etc. I got smiles and lots of empty promises by superiours, while not even asking them.  But I was a blip that even when I offered and proved my skilles combined with my knowledge I was too good at any task given that It was hard to find someone to replace me. So I was kept in low rows. Not in one work provider but in multiple. But at the time it did not bother me. It was good to go out from school and just be apart of the enviroment I had grown big interest in over 4 years. I was invested in the profession.

Then I moved to Finland and ended up in a semi small companie. First year I developed a lot. Got promoted from making boxes with a nailgun, painting boards and pushing pumptrack to Cnc machine operator within 3 months. But keep in mind, them hiring me without any knowledge of my background. I learned the language independently and my english language skill was the one that probably landed me the promotion. learned the machine in 3 weeks to operate and next couple of months the programming part. Was left pretty much alone with the whole thing on a year. My responsibilities multiplied with a speed of lightning and I learned new things every day from diagnostics to actually fixing probems. 

First years were great. I was happy cause the work was exiting and I felt I was adding value to the companie. But when sales went down do to economics and my health started playing tricks on me I started to look back to what have I learned and how could I apply what I have learned to the company I was working with. My studies were all about devlopment of a small company from start to finish. Maximizing production efficiency and economical profit whilist bringing down costs. 

I approached my supervisor for the first time sharing me being open about starting to milk me and my knowledge on how to do all above. Yhat I have worked enough and learned all there is to know about how this company is running that I have ideas and I would like to make proposals and see how it would go thro. But I was shut down pretty quicly thro flowers. On top of that I felt that my current position was starting to be demeaning. From that moment on all improvments I made or suggestions were pushed back. I only wanted to help the company to develop and flourish. That made me realise soon after that I might be in the wrong place. I felt that I can't go on. So I started to look elsewhere and see where I could fulfill myself. A bit of brake was the fact that I wanted kids. And it was time for me. So I desided I will make the switch after that. I did not expect the art to fly out of my like that as you have seen in my social media. It just happened. 

But now we are getting to the point where I spent about a year trying to find a way how to switch my career to where I feel I can be more useful. Where I can be part of a company that has a customer on first place and wants to develop and make a difference. 

With this we get back to the question why havent I been able to max out my efficiency? I have spent about 18 months on finding a place that would give me a chance. Chance to prove myself to be worthy. I have worked really hard on finding that place and yes I have sent probably a bit under 100 applications. I sent sometimes 4 a week and sometimes 1 a week. Wrote my motivation letters and cvs, made researches on companies where I sent my applications and it even went to place where I was able to offer them free worker for 3 months but got maybe 10 replys and 4 interviews.  Most comments that were made were around the terms of "that the application was extremly impressive but sorry... and you will definitely find the write place with those kinds of skills". 

I havent yet. I got an opportunity to go back to school and go over the same materials I have gone thro earlier. Just now it is in another language. I jumped at it cause just maybe that has been the issue.  Where we get back to the original issue. How come we are teaching same thing we thought people 10 years ago and in community there is still very little development? I know for a fact There are more people like me, who want to help, and improve and develope but for some reasons are being held back. Why is that? 

Don't get me wrong. I am not accusing anyone. It is just something my mind is having hard time to get a grip on. Like from the companies perspective in order to have a best possible customer experience to exploit to your own advatages, you really need to have your strategy, mission, values and vision thought thro. And still today I found 4 companies on first page of google having them missing completely. 

Today I felt so at ease to read the way she as an artist has built up her webpage made my heart happy. Seems we are both thriving same direction. Art and production is not all about just branding it. It is a lot more! I warmly welcome you to visit that if you are a person who appreciates art and craft!

 And what comes to a well written medium size company page in finland I would suggest I think that is one well built website! A good example how I remember I was thought back in the day and same rules still apply. 

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