Back to School 2023


So here I am. Back in daily learning module in school since 1.02 in Seinäjoki Sedu. This time it for accountancy. Yes I have gone thro this before in Estonia, well atleast the basics of it, but This is very common, coming with not being native finnish. I have had business training module in 2008 but it obviously was not enough. We desided wih my guidance counsler that it is easier in a way to have all the subjects a once over if I want to continue to higher level of education in Finnish and I was really okay with it until I found out I have to also take again Fysics and Chemistry next to math. Lets be honest. Those two have never been my fave subjects so this means more work. Witch comes down to me have to cut time from my creative side. And I really need to get his education into my core. Part of me does not mind. I am really happy with it but the other side is kicking and screaming. Exited I am, that is for sure. Yesterday making math exersices I laughcried out lout. I have no idea how I excelled in math back then. I have forgotten everything. But this is Important for me so! 

I still take custom orders but be aware. I might have a bit longer waiting list but I am also pretty flexible. So please do not be bothered by that. Multitasking gives me more energy than takes! Always it is best to ask rather than assume. In General I am happily fluffing my invisable tale from side to side from happy happy happy days! :)

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